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6 Common Pitfalls to Avoid Before Hiring A Video Production Company

These days, couples are dedicating more and more to videography to shoot their wedding videos. And with good reason – videography is very useful to make your ‘Big Day’ memorable for the years to come. Hence, it is also a worthwhile return on investment. The problem is that the couples hiring video production companies in Monterey do not know how to select the right one effectively.

Therefore, it is crucial to gather knowledge about video production houses before making a decision. Here are some of the most common (and avoidable) pitfalls that you can make when hiring a video production company:

Mistakes to Avoid Before Hiring A Professional Video Production Company

1. Not Knowing the Pros of Hiring A Production Company

The benefit of hiring a video production company is that you have the advantage of using equipment, crew, and other resources. If you want to follow the DIY method of recording your wedding video, you can make a mistake. You will buy all the new stuff, which can get expensive.

2. Hiring the Lowest Video Production Company

You should collect at least 3-4 quotes from different studios before signing contracts with them. If a company’s price is low, then there are chances that they provide low-quality work. It is the most common recipe for disaster. Sometimes, video production companies may lower the price by cutting out a few edits or clips. Then, decide if it is worth cutting these corners.  

3. Falling Too Hard for The Demo Reel

A demo reel is a quickly edited reel of a production company. And, it is their best work. It is easy to give a quick overview of their work, and there are high chances that you will hire them then and then.
However, do not consider only the demo reel while deciding to shoot your wedding video. Look for someone who can do your job similar to the one you are planning.

4. Not Hiring Locally

You do not have to stay in a big city or in Hollywood to work with professional videographers. There are many qualified video production companies in Monterey as well. Many production houses often subcontract local videographers to save their transport cost. So, you are inadvertently hiring locals anyway, but with more money. Plus, you will be spending more on travel, rental, accommodations, etc.  

5. Ignoring the Value of Equipment

High-quality video production companies use high-tech advanced, and expensive equipment to shoot videos. You must ask the company about the cameras and gear they use to shoot and produce your videos.

6. Forgetting to Ask These Questions

Here are some things to consider when hiring a production company:

  • Are you experienced and skilled?
  • Are you interested in producing a video that will give me the desired results?
  • Are your workers communicative and pleasant?

Hire Professional Videographers

You will need a professional videographer to capture all the magnificent moments at your wedding. Afrang Media Productions LLC is the best video production company in Monterey, which provides service at affordable rates. However, you can check their website afrangproduction.com today!


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